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Buddy Partnership

We are excited to announce a new partnership with

Denver, Colorado, (Dec 3, 2019)

Red Bear Rentals, a sharing economy marketplace for renting outdoor recreation gear, is partnering with Buddy to provide on-demand accident insurance to their online community.

“Red Bear Rentals is your rental marketplace to share and find the rental gear you need to get out, explore, and enjoy life.”Jeff Redmond, The CEO and Founder of Red Bear Rentals, says

“We are excited to partner with Buddy so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoor experience and not worrying about the ‘what ifs’ during your adventure.”


Buddy provides the only on-demand accident coverage focused specifically on the outdoor community. Red Bear customers can now get coverage when they are gearing up for their next adventure – whether it’s just for a day of rock climbing, a weekend of hiking and camping, or a week of skiing. If someone experiences a covered injury, Buddy will pay them directly based on the care received.


“We’re stoked to be part of the Red Bear community,” Buddy Co-Founder and CEO Charles Merritt said.

Our goal is to help outdoor enthusiasts be a bit more fearless. Since Buddy is the only accident insurance that can be purchased for as little as a day, we are a great fit in supporting Red Bear’s customers.”


The Red Bear Rentals platform provides a sharing economy marketplace where outdoor enthusiasts and explorers can rent recreational gear to each other. Through the Buddy Partner API, Red Bear customers can now add coverage to rental purchases directly from the checkout process with the simple click of a button. See for yourself by gearing up for your next adventure with Red Bear Rentals at: https://redbear.rentals/



Based in Denver Colorado, Red Bear Rentals focuses on Sustainable Adventure Experiences by providing the only sharing economy rental marketplace combining outdoor gear rentals with vacation rental experiences. With a founding team of U.S. Army Veterans that has collectively traveled to over 50 countries on thousands of adventures, we understand the importance of finding and sharing the outdoor rental equipment you need, locally or at your vacation destination.



Founded in The River City of Virginia, Buddy’s mission is to help everyone fearlessly live an active outdoor life. They do this with the first and only accident insurance product that can be purchased by as little as a day, and by donating 10% of their profits to non-profits focused on outdoor access for all. Learn more: buddyinsurance.com