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Welcome to Red Bear Rentals!

Find the gear you need to get out, explore, and enjoy life!

Get the complete rental experience by finding rentals from three core markets in one place. Individual, business, and vacation rentals.

We wanted you to have the opportunity to run your own rental shop from your home, business, or vacation rental. So we created Red Bear Rentals to be YOUR sharing economy rental marketplace!

Have too much stuff?

Need stuff?

Red Bear Rentals is a technology driven online rental platform that brings together the peer-to-peer gear rental market, retail business rental market, and vacation rental listings all in one place.

Have you ever wanted to try something new but didn’t want to buy the gear?

Have you ever got to your vacation destination and wanted a kayak, bike, or some fishing gear?

Do you have too much stuff in your garage, apartment, basement, or storage unit?

Already sharing it on another platform or already have a business for it?

Do you have a vacation rental property management business, a vacation rental listed on Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO, or a vacation rental concierge business?

This is YOUR rental market platform!

Don't sell it, share it. Don't buy it, rent it! | Rent, Buy, Share, and Compare with Red Bear

Do you have your own line of products you want promoted? Are you a college student that wants to earn some money dropping off rentals? Do you need a unique rental package set up?

Send us an email for investment opportunities, job opportunities, brand ambassador opportunities, concierge type rental packages, and any general questions.




Safety is a priority when renting and selling

Contact 911 immediately with any crimes and send a message to Contact@RedBear.Rentals with any minor problems