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About Red Bear Rentals

We love adventure!

After thousands of adventures traveling the world the Red Bear team noticed a need for a better way to rent outdoor gear.

  • Business rentals aren't keeping up with the growing sharing economy
  • Vacation home rentals are spreading into remote areas of the world and travelers need the gear for the final piece of the rental experience when they get there
  • Adventurous neighbors in the area have bikes, kayaks, snowshoes, paddle boards, fishing gear, and more sitting around unused, but had no way to share them

So Red Bear Rentals was created as:

The only sharing economy rental marketplace combining outdoor recreational gear rentals with vacation rental experiences!

With the goal to help everyone find the gear they need to get out, explore, and enjoy life, Red Bear Rentals was created by Jeff Redmond in 2018. With the addition of COO & Co-Founder, Morgan Doering, and CMO & Co-Founder, Zachary Pease, Red Bear Rentals is growing as a community for everyone to join the sharing economy and share with Red Bear or search and compare with Red Bear for the perfect rental experience.

We focus on the rental experience because we understand:

In the end the rental gear will be returned, the vacation home will be emptied, but everything you've experienced during that time is yours to keep forever!

To provide a safer equipment rental process, we are proud to partner with Buddy to offer on-demand accident insurance for outdoor enthusiasts. We also directly list Vacation Rentals with Vrbo® to rent and compare outdoor gear rentals with vacation homes for the complete rental experiences.

We look forward to providing you a great marketplace to find both rental gear and rental homes, and a great community to share your outdoor gear with locals and travelers when you aren’t using it.

Welcome to Red Bear Rentals!