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Welcome to Red Bear Rentals!

Red Bear Rentals is YOUR sharing economy rental marketplace for outdoor recreational gear rentals together with vacation rental experiences

  • Hosts share the gear sitting around unused at home

    • bikes, kayaks, snowboards, paddleboards, camping gear, electronics, etc.

  • Guests search and compare individual, business, and vacation rentals together for the complete rental experience

RBR brings people together to share everything needed for the perfect rental experience at home or at the vacation destination. Our vision is to provide the platform to “Experience Everything”.

In the end the rental gear will be returned, the vacation home will be emptied, but the memories from everything you’ve experienced will be kept forever.

Through our core values of Sustainable | Adventure | Rental Experiences, we provide the network of individuals sharing gear from home, affiliate vacation rental partners, and local rental shop partners.

  • RBR is for the mass of people that don't own a home to rent out, or a car to share, and at the same time a simple next step to earn more revenue for the people that do

  • We connect neighbors with neighbors and travelers with locals to provide the perfect rental experience for everyone to get out, explore, and enjoy life 

Share your gear right from home and make money when you aren't using it

  • Free to list and only a 15% fee when rented for all individual "Pay on Website" posts!
    • You keep $85 of every $100
  • Automated process through the entire rental with credit card deposits for any damage
  • Share your business "Pay at Pickup" gear rentals and vacation for only $5
    • Link directly back to your business with no fees or commission taken!
      • Get your gear shown with vacation rentals in the area
    • List and link to your vacation rentals to be shown together with gear rentals in the area
    • Try it out and us promo code "Welcome" to list for 6 months for only $10!

Search and compare on Red Bear

  • Search locally from your neighbors or at your vacation destination to have the gear waiting for you at your Airbnb, VRBO, or hotel
    • Have a kayak waiting at the cabin, paddle boards ready for the fjords, and bikes ready to bounce down the mountains
      • Easy automated process throughout the whole rental
  • Get on-demand accident insurance for an active life directly at checkout for only $9.72 a day with Buddy Insurance
    • Don't get bogged down with medical bills in case something happens
  • Can't find a rental you want? Send us a list of the rentals you need and we will set up a package for you!
  • Sign up to receive updates on new listings

Red Bear Rentals is a technology driven online rental platform that brings together the peer-to-peer gear rental market, retail business rental market, and vacation rental listings all in one place.

Have you ever wanted to try something new but didn’t want to buy the gear?

  • Now you can rent it from a neighbor, or compare with the business down the street
  • Share your gear you don't use every day so someone else can try before they buy

Have you ever got to your vacation destination and needed a kayak, bike, or some fishing gear?

  • Now you can search for a vacation rental and see what additional gear is available to rent from the owner, neighbor, or shop in town close by
  • No car, no problem. You can find it right there! No need to drive across town. Chances are it can be delivered and will be waiting for you when you get there, even if businesses rentals aren't available!

Do you have too much stuff in your garage, apartment, basement, or storage unit?

  • Now you can rent it out when you aren’t using it and make some extra money. Share your bikes, snowboards, electronics, clothes, fishing poles, canoes, books, camping gear, tools, yard equipment, furniture, and more

Already sharing it on another platform or already have a business for it?

  • Link to it for more advertising to increase visibility and bring in more customers searching for what you have.
  • Let us take care of your gear rentals and share on Red Bear

Do you have a vacation rental property management business, a vacation rental listed on Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO, or a vacation rental concierge business?

  • Link your properties on Red Bear Rentals, then add on rental gear to stand out from the crowd!
  • No rental gear? Add your vacation property link and the neighbors and business rentals in the area will still show up around your rental home! for your guests to enjoy!

This is YOUR rental market platform!

Don't sell it, share it. Don't buy it, rent it! | Rent, Buy, Share, and Compare with Red Bear

Do you have your own line of products you want promoted? Are you a college student that wants to earn some money dropping off rentals? Do you need a unique rental package set up?

Send us an email for investment opportunities, job opportunities, brand ambassador opportunities, concierge type rental packages, and any general questions.




Safety is a priority when renting and selling

  • A deposit is held during the rental for damage or loss
    • Many times you will find the items are returned better than how they were delivered
  • Delivery and pickup locations are set on Google maps with delivery pricing details
  •  Accident insurance during the rental available through Buddy Insurance
  • You have the option to add images when you meet the Host and Guest to make sure the rental is in the same condition at the start and finish
  • All personal details are kept private unless you share them
  • Internal messaging with email replies are available to discuss details. The option to send your real email and phone number are available during rentals in the Guest and Host 'Info' buttons or profile
  • Deposits, damage, delivery, return, and disputes are tracked and handled to insure an enjoyable rental for both the Guest and the Host
  •  Red Bear Rentals requires the Host and Guest to both be registered on the website before listing or booking gear or vacation properties
    • Check for the verified phone number and ID icons
  • Require or look for “Pay on website” payment by credit card for increased safety
    • Either party can cancel throughout the process
  •  Drop your pick-up or delivery marker in a police station parking lot, retail business, or well lit area like a gas station
    • Look for future verified meet up locations
  • Only message through the internal Red Bear messaging system
    • Your email and phone number are kept private but you can share those details under the "Guest Info" and "Host Info" tabs under "MY ORDERS"
  • Look for good Red Bear Ratings and reviews from the Host or Guest you are meeting
  • Meet in the day time
  • Don’t go into anyone’s house
  • Don’t allow anyone into your house
  • Red Bear Rentals has an intricate dispute system
    • If there is a problem during delivery, return, or with rental damage don't start an argument, put the transaction into dispute and we will be in contact with both sides

Contact 911 immediately with any crimes and send a message to Contact@RedBear.Rentals with any minor problems