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Camping gear essentials

Do you have the gear you need to get out, explore, and enjoy some camping?

It’s summertime, and that means taking a break from the daily stresses and getting outside for a night or two! Pack up your gear, grab your friends, grab your dogs, and go. Reserve a spot in a National Park or state park or find some free camping in a national forest or BLM land.

Before you head out the door make sure you have the camping gear you need so a fun weekend doesn’t turn into a disaster story. Make sure you plan for the expected, like rain and mosquitos, or the unexpected, like a bear wandering through camp. Checking the weather ahead of time and reading bear reports are up to you, but we can at least help you make sure you have the basics for a good time. 

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#1: A tent: Before you go set it up so you are familiar with it. Check that all the poles, stakes, main tent, rainfly, and groundcover are there and in good condition

#2: Sleeping bags: You can even get cozy 2 person sleeping bags! Bring extra blankets if you expect it to be a chilly night.

#3: Air mattress: Okay, this isn’t required but you will sure wish you had one if you aren’t hiking far from your car.

#4: Cooking gear: The minimum should be a metal pot to boil water over the fire. For the rest of us that like some extra comfort check that the grill has propane; you have pots and pans with spatulas and spoons; plates, bowls, cups, and silverware are stocked up; the cooler and water jugs have their lids; and don’t forget the coffee!

#5: Tables and chairs: Don’t forget a collapsible table if you don’t expect a picnic table and camp chairs to relax around the fire

#6: Headlamp: If you don't want to walk around with a torch bring a headlamp and lantern. There are a lot of great solar lamps out there as well to light up the whole camp

#7: Other gear: Pillow, multi-tool, first aid kit, axe/saw, lighters, marshmallow sticks, bottle opener, bug spray, sunscreen, toilet paper, toiletry kit, and pet gear

Don’t forget to fill up the water jugs and grab some extra food before you go. Get a complete checklist at REI!

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If you are taking a break from camping and your gear is just sitting around, don’t forget you can share on Red Bear! If this is your first time or you need just a few more items you can always search on Red Bear to see if it is available, or rent the complete package.

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