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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 0515/2019

Key Phrases

Host” refers to the owner of the Gear. The individual or party renting, selling, or sharing the Gear

Guest” refers to the individual or party renting or purchasing the Gear

Gear” refers to any product, item, vehicle, service, or equipment that the Host or Guest lists or rents

Vacation Rental” refers to any overnight accommodations from individuals or businesses in a physical building or home, a camper, or a camping location

Booking” refers to the purchase of any Gear in the Rent, Buy, or Share tab categories

Individual” refers to an individual Host listing privately from home or their vacation rental

Business” refers to a business Host listing from their physical business or online store

Pay on Website” refers to paying, or getting payed, online through Red Bear Rentals

Pay at Pickup” refers to paying, or getting payed, when the Gear is picked up

How much does it cost to use Red Bear rentals?

What are the “Type” and “Payment” options listed?

What if I didn’t get an email confirmation when signing up?

What happens when something is booked?

For a “Pay on Website” Rental view the It’s Booked page or check out this YouTube link

  1.  After reviewing the Host’s Terms of Service and deposit price, choosing your rental dates, choosing your delivery or pickup options, and paying, the Host will receive a notification in their email and on their dashboard where they will have 48 hours to confirm
  2. The Host will “Approve” or “Deny” the booking, making sure the dates and location work
  3.  If approved the Host and Guest chat and set up delivery dates and times using the internal “Message” function, or by going into “Guest Info” or “Host Info” in the “MY ORDERS” tab and pressing “Share your email address” and/or “Share your phone number
    • You can also automatically share your email and phone number once a booking is confirmed by clicking "Share Contact Information" in your "MY ACCOUNT" "SETTINGS" part of you profile
  4. The Host will “Confirm Delivery” upon meetup for drop off or pickup, or “Confirm Delivery” at home if you will not have internet access

    -        The Host can then upload pictures of the gear at drop-off

  5. The Guest will “Confirm Delivery” after the Host confirms
    • It is best to do this on a mobile device at pickup or dropoff, but can be done ahead of time if there will be no internet access
    • The Guest can then upload pictures of the gear at drop-off
  6. When the rental is done the Guest will “Return and Claim Deposit” when they meet up with the Host, or before if there will be no internet access at the return point
    • The Guest may have the option to buy the rental instead of returning at this step for a discount of 50% of the rental reduced from the “Buy” price
  7. After the Guest presses ‘return and claim’ the Host will “Confirm Delivery” if everything looks good, or “Confirm Delivery with Damage” and enter the damage costs to be reduced from the deposit
    • If everything is returned without damage the deposit hold will be canceled
    •  If the Guest did not return the rental, and you have made every effort to contact and set up a new return time or location you can “Deny Return” and the booking will go into ‘disputed’ mode
    • If there is damage the Guest will “Confirm Damage Cost” and the remainder of the deposit will be refunded
    • If the Guest “Denies Damage Cost” the transaction will go into ‘disputed’ mode and Red Bear Rentals will be in contact with both sides to discuss the issue
  8. Host and Guest will get a chance to leave a Red Bear Rating and Review after the booking is complete

For a “Pay at pickup” rental:

  1. After reviewing the Host’s Terms of Service, choosing your rental dates, choosing your delivery or pickup options, and submitting your request, the Host will receive a notification in their email and on their dashboard
  2. The Host will “Approve” or “Deny” the booking, making sure the dates and location work
  3. If approved this will end the notifications and tracking of the rental
  4. The Host and Guest must then message each other and set up any additional details and payment at the store, and complete the required additional paperwork and terms of the business rental

What are the cancellation fees?

- The Host can cancel at any time

Do I need a Stripe or PayPal account?

What if property other than the rental Gear is damaged by the rental Gear/renter?

How do disputes work?

What if my credit card expires during the rental?

Do I need to provide my real address?

What are the delivery options?

What can I find or list on Red Bear Rentals?

- You can find and list nearly anything on Red Bear Rentals to Rent, Buy, Share, or Compare

- You can list and find items for sale or rent in the categories of:

- In the ‘Share’ section you can search for experiences, trades, services, jobs, trades, events, ride sharing, storage space, requests, free stuff, jobs, and more
- The following items are only allowed to be sold on Red Bear Rentals, or rented from a registered business due to safety reasons while renting:

- The list of prohibited items can be found at https://www.redbear.rentals/prohibited

How do I deactivate or delete my account?

Why was my account or postings deleted?

How do I add Gear?

How do I ‘add on’ Gear to my main Gear?

- If there are multiple addresses when you combine add on items and main items only the main Gear address will be used for the location of the pickup

- If there are multiple payment options selected you will only be able to combine Gear with the same payment, either Pay at pickup or Pay on website

My Gear does not show up when I search for it. Why isn’t it listed?

What are the offers available?

How long is my Gear listed?

What is the “Confirm Gear Availability” email or notification I got?

Why was my listing deleted?

What is the difference between signing up with Stripe or PayPal?

What if my gear was booked but I didn't see the request in time?

Why can’t I see the Guest’s address or contact info?

What if the Guest or Host does not meet for pick-up/drop-off, or is late for pick-up/drop-off and I can’t wait around?

What happens if the Guest damages the item I rented to them?

What if the damage is more than the deposit?

What if my product was not returned?

Why does it cost a dollar to Rent or Buy when the price says $0?