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EXAMPLE | Burton snowboard rental EXAMPLE | Burton snowboard rental
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EXAMPLE | Burton snowboard rental

Type :
  • Individual
Payment :
  • Pay on Website
Deposit :
  • $200
Brand :
  • Burton
Damage Cost :
  • Deep scratch : $10
  • Broken binding : $50
Other Info
  • Includes : Carrying Bag
  • Type : Downhill
  • Binding Setup : Goofy
  • Condition : New
  • Binding Size : Large
  • Snowboard Size : 165
Delivery Options :
  • Pickup From Owners Location at Vail, Colorado
  • Deliver To My Location
Buy : $200
Rent : $20/Day
  • Sold By

    Red Bear Demo
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    based on 1 reviews

  • Redbear Experience Points : 26


-- EXAMPLE! If you rent or purchase this item the order will be declined

Burton snowboard rental for use around Vail Colorado. Size 158, goofy footed. Used but good condition. Includes size 12 boots if needed. Just click the boots as the add-on product. I will switch the bindings from goofy to regular for $5. Click the add-on to switch bindings if you want it.

Available for purchase after (or during) rental for $200. If you want to purchase it you get 50% of the rental price discounted. Example: rent for 5 days for $100. Half of rental is $50 off. Purchase price would be $150.

Delivery available from Denver starting at $10 per 10 miles, which includes drop-off and pickup. Choose "deliver to my location". Or pick up at my location in Vail for free.

Rental T erms & Condition

-- EXAMPLE! If you rent or purchase this item the order will be declined

Snowboarding can be dangerous. You could die. Be careful.

Check everything thoroughly before using. Tighten the binding screws if needed. If you switch the bindings please put them back to the original position before returning. 

Owner is not responsible for injuries or damage caused while using the snowboard. The renter accepts all responsibility once the delivery is confirmed. 

If you break anything on the snowboard while using it you will be charged to fix it.

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