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EXAMPLE | Kayak rental GA
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EXAMPLE | Kayak rental GA

Type :
  • Individual
Payment :
  • Pay on Website
Deposit :
  • $200
Brand :
  • Intex
Damage Cost :
  • Hole : $10
  • Lost paddle or item : $45
Delivery Options :
  • Deliver To My Location
Buy : $200
Rent : $10/Day
Rent : $50/Week
Rent : $100/Month
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    Red Bear Demo
  • 5 of 5 guest rating

    based on 1 reviews

  • Redbear Experience Points : 26



Rent a kayak with your vacation rental. Two, one person kayaks waiting for you on the lake. Inflatable in case you want to take them somewhere else to enjoy. Available to buy after the rental for a discount of 50% of the rental price! 

List your gear rentals as an individual or business and attach to a vacation rental listing or list separately. Linked to your vacation rental will show up with your vacation listing. Listed separatly will show up as 'nearby' when searching for vacation rentals or gear rentals. 

Search for a vacation rental and gear rental, together or separatly! From an individual like a neighbor, or from a business down the road. Have it waiting at your vacation destination, have it ready to pickup, or have it delivered to you!

Rental T erms & Condition


Inspect the gear carefully before using. Don't abuse it or it will break. You may be responsible if something breaks so please be careful. Use responsibly or you might get hurt. 

Red Bear Rentals is not responsible for any injury, damage, or death to persons or property when listing vacation rentals or gear rentals on Red Bear Rentals. View the terms of use here: https://www.redbear.rentals/terms

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