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-- EXAMPLE -- Mountain bike, Road bike

-- EXAMPLE -- Mountain bike, Road bike -- EXAMPLE -- Mountain bike, Road bike
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  • Business
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  • $800
  • Specialized
Damage Cost
  • Broken chain : $25
  • Hole in tire : $10
  • Bent rim : $25
  • : $0
Other Info
  • Type : Road Bike
  • Type : Mountain Bike
  • Type : Downhill Bike
Delivery Options
  • Deliver To My Location
  • Pickup From Owners Location at Denver Zoo, 2300 Steele St
Buy: $800
Rent: $50/Day
Rent: $150/Week
Rent: $250/Month

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-- EXAMPLE -- 

Need a bike rental? Great condition. Last tune up from REI at the beginning of the 2019 season. Send us a message to ask about the trails or anything about the bike!

List your add on gear as an individual or business from your home or store! Link it to your vaction rental or list it separatly to be shown with other vacation rentals.

Rental Terms & Condition


Please treat this bike like it is your own. Have fun and ride it hard! But let us know if something happens. 

If there is damage you will be responsible for the damage cost.

Inspect everything before every ride. Check the chain, tires, seat, and any other piece before you go. We clean and inspect everything before every rental but stuff happens.

We are not responsible if something comes loose or breaks causing personal or property damage.

Red Bear Rentals is not responsible for any injury, damage, or death to persons or property when listing vacation rentals or gear rentals on Red Bear Rentals. View the terms of use here: https://www.redbear.rentals/terms