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Couples Kayaks

Couples Kayaks
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  • $400
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  • Broken Paddle : $50
  • Damaged Life Vest : $40
  • Kayak Hole : $100
  • Kayak Scrape (Deeper than 1 millimeter) : $25
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  • Deliver To My Location
  • Pickup From Owners Location at Fort Collins, Colorado
Rent: $15/Hour
Rent: $60/Day
Rent: $120/Week
Rent: $300/Month

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Tristan Oliva
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Two Kayaks that are great for a fun day out on the water! Optional Fishing pole holders make these kayaks ready for a day of fishing as well. Great for first timers and beginners!

Will include, Kayak, Life Jacket, and paddle. 

Rental Terms & Condition

Inspect the gear carefully before using. Don't abuse it or it will break and you may be responsible if something breaks. Please be careful and us responsibly or you might get hurt.

Damage to the kayaks will be your responsibility if in possession.