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Kona Stinky Downhill Mountain Bike Denver Kona Stinky Downhill Mountain Bike Denver Kona Stinky Downhill Mountain Bike Denver Kona Stinky Downhill Mountain Bike Denver Kona Stinky Downhill Mountain Bike Denver
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Kona Stinky Downhill Mountain Bike Denver

Type :
  • Individual
Payment :
  • Pay on Website
Deposit :
  • $1000
Brand :
  • Kona
Damage Cost :
  • Flat Tire or You Use The Tube : $15
  • Bent Rim and Spokes : $45
  • Bent Handlebar : $100
  • Major scratch or dent : $100
  • Lost Pump : $25
  • Used CO2 : $10
  • Lost Tool Kit : $25
Other Info
  • Suspension : Full Suspension
  • Frame Size : 17
  • Last Tune Up : 830
  • Wheel Size : 26
Delivery Options :
  • Deliver To My Location
  • Pickup From Owners Location at Golden, Colorado
Rent : $45/Day
Rent : $125/Week
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Extreme downhill bike! Perfect for downhill biking at the ski resorts. Very heavy so not good for cross country or any uphill. You can practically ride this bike down a set of stairs without even bouncing off.

17" aluminum frame, Maxxis 26 x 2.5 wheels, Shimano 8" disc brakes

The original freeride bike manifests in 2010 as one of the most refined and perfected freeride bikes on the market. Beautifully plush suspension, tough as nails frame and durable, well-priced components, and you have the classic freeride experience Kona is famous for. Step into the big travel world with confidence, with a freeride package that will hold up longer than both your legs and your lungs.


Includes CO2 pump, tool kit, and spare tube.

Rental T erms & Condition

Professional tune up at the end of every season

Tuned up at home after every ride

Stuff still comes loose. Check the bike wheel axles, seat, chain, handlebar, pedals, and any other moving part before every ride!

You are responsible for damage while using the Kona Stinky Bomber. It is very tough but falling off a cliff will still damage the bike, and probably you.

Minor scratches are fine. Flat tires will require a new tube. We have 24 hours to inspect the bike so if it goes flat during that time we will charge you for a tube.

If you loose the pump, tool kit, or tube you will be responsible for paying to replace it.

We are not responsible for damage to you while riding.

Have fun!

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