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KTM 300 XC - Snowbike KTM 300 XC - Snowbike KTM 300 XC - Snowbike KTM 300 XC - Snowbike KTM 300 XC - Snowbike KTM 300 XC - Snowbike
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KTM 300 XC - Snowbike

Type :
  • Business
Payment :
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Deposit :
  • $2000
Brand :
  • KTM
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  • Type : Snowbike
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Rent : $375/Day
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    The Red Bear
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2016 KTM 300 XC

2016 Timbersled 137" SX Kit

  • ectron Smart Carbeurator

  • Carb Heater

  • Thermo Bob 

  • TSS Shock

  • TSS Cold Air Intake

  • High Compression Head

  • FMF Exhaust

  • Snowbike built Forks - .62 Springs 

  • Fox Float Adjustable Shocks

  • Daily Rental

Rental T erms & Condition

Ride Safe - Know where you are riding

Throttle Therapy requires all riders to stay within legal riding area in the State of Colorado. Throttle Therapy and the Snowbikes for rent are located in Arvada Colorado. We can deliver or trailer the snow bikes to other locations for a delivery fee based on miles traveled, or we can meet you at the trailhead of your choice upon approval of the management. 

Collission Rental Insurance is included in the price of the Snowbike rental ($2,000 insurance deductible deposit required on date of rental)


Ride safe, be aware of your surroundings. Be courteous of others while riding. Backcountry exploration can be extremely dangerous, use caution when exploring unfamiliar or steep terrain. Snowbikes can ride anywhere Snowmobiles are legally allowed to ride.

1. Only adult riders shall operate any Snow Bike/Dirt Bikes, or other rental vehicle or equipment.

2. A helmet must be worn at all times while operating an Snow Bike/Dirt Bike. Goggles and a helmet are highly recommended. However, wearing additional gear such as Snow jacket, Snow pants, warm under gear (long under wear may be needed depending on weather) long pants, long sleeve shirt or jacket, over the ankle boots, motocross boots, chest protectors, gloves, knee and elbow pads will greatly reduce risk of injury.

3.     Do not operate any Snow Bike/Dirt Bike(s), or other vehicle or equipment, in any manner other than with both hands on the handle bars.

4. Obey all posted signs. Do not ride faster than posted speed limits. Know and abide by Colorado Recreation Rules as well as National Forest rules for backcountry access. Do not ride out of designated areas; respect our Wilderness.

6. Do not carry passengers on the Snow Bike/Dirt Bike.

7. Ride at your current skill level. Do not push your limit. Be careful. Be mindful of the terrain you are riding on, watch for Avalanche dangers around you.

8. Snow Bikes are designed for on snow use only, Do not ride in water or on grass, pavement, or on Dirt Roads. It damages the ski and track. Dirt Bikes do not drive on water or snow only ride on authorized roadways.

9. Do not participate in any race or contest involving other Snow Bikes/Dirt Bike(s) or any other vehicle.

10. Do not tow other Snow Bikes/Dirt Bike(s) or any other vehicle nor allow them to tow you and your rental Snow Bike/Dirt Bike(s).

11 .No alcohol or drug possession or consumption before or during use while in possession of rented Snow Bike/Dirt Bike(s) or other vehicle/equipment.

12. Be aware of other riders and vehicles.

13. Do not park and leave vehicle or equipment unattended. 

14. Be respectful of others on the trail

15. Always give wildlife a wide berth, be respectful of mother nature

16. Always check drive chain tension, and secondary chain tension as well as all bolts on the snow bike kit and dirt bike for proper torques prior to any rental

17. Always check Fuel levels on main gas tank, spare gas tank

18. Always change Clutch oil prior to each rental


All Cancellations require a 7 day notice as we are constantly scheduling new rental dates

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