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Let us create your post! We do the work for you.

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  • Pay on Website
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  • Red Bear Rentals
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    The Red Bear
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Welcome to Red Bear Rentals!

If you would like your individual gearbusiness gear, or vacation rental listed on Red Bear Rentals we can create a listing for you.

For individual listings we will need temporary access to your account and the details of what you would like listed.

For business listings we will review your website and create a listing linked back to your website for checkout with keywords, descriptions, prices, and terms (if required). The 'Type' will be "Business" and the 'Payment' will be "Pay at pickup".

For vacation listings we will review your Airbnb, VRBO, hotel, or private vacation rental page and create a listing linked back to your original page.

Listings would be similar to this snowboard rental or vacation rental.

$25 per listing. Includes 6 months of active posting!


Why list on Red Bear? If you don't have your own rental software for payment and tracking you can use ours! If you already have a rental business you can use your own software while using our rental market to get in front of more vacation travelers and locals. If you have a vacation rental and list it on Red Bear you can add on extra rental gear for your guests to enjoy, or all the rental gear around your vacation rental will show up for your guests to find and rent.

For more questions click the "Ask the Host a question" button on the right or email Contact@RedBear.Rentals.

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