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Mountain Bike High West Adventures Mountain Bike High West Adventures
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Mountain Bike High West Adventures

Type :
  • Business
Payment :
  • Pay at Pickup
Deposit :
  • $1000
Brand :
  • unknown brand
Damage Cost :
Other Info
  • Last Tune Up : 830
  • Suspension : Full Suspension
Delivery Options :
  • Deliver To My Location
  • Pickup From Owners Location at Denver, Colorado
Rent : $45/Day
Rent : $150/Week
  • Sold By

    High West Adventure Rentals
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High West Rentals!

High West Adventure Rentals is all about one thing: Getting outside!
We believe that outside is “the best place on Earth”, and we truly want to help you experience that.

Hair standing on end.
Steep descents.
A pebble bouncing off your chin.

A mountain bike adventure rental is part animal, part machine. We maintain an elite fleet of mountain bikes for you to throw a leg over 7 days a week. 

High West proudly carries Intense, Yeti, Felt & other high-end mountain bike brands.

*Helmet included
*Bike racks available for a fee, please call to inquire on availability.

Rental T erms & Condition

Inspect the bike before every ride. Make sure the wheels are on securely, the brakes and shifters work, the chain is secure, and the tires and rims are in good condition.

Once you confirm delivery you take over all responsibility to any damage of the equipment and yourself.

Wear the included helmet! It's not just for decoration.

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