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PIEPS DSP Avalanche Beacon | Avalanche Gear PIEPS DSP Avalanche Beacon | Avalanche Gear PIEPS DSP Avalanche Beacon | Avalanche Gear
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PIEPS DSP Avalanche Beacon | Avalanche Gear

Type :
  • Individual
Payment :
  • Pay on Website
Deposit :
  • $300
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Damage Cost :
  • Lost beacon : $300
  • Broken beacon : $300
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  • Deliver To My Location
  • Pickup From Owners Location at Morrison, Colorado
Rent : $10/Day
Rent : $30/Week
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Best Use: Backcountry Skiing

Range: Up to 60 meters

Dimensions: 4.56 x 2.95 x 1.06 inches

Weight: 198 grams

Make sure you have a shovel and probe to go along with the avalanche beacon! Click the "Related Product" below to rent the shovel and probe.

  • 3 antenna system pinpoints the location of burials within a 50m range regardless of antenna orientation and burial depth
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology displays transmitting units as stick figures on an easy-to-view LCD screen
  • When signals are detected, the approximate distance and direction to the burials are displayed—simply follow the arrows to reach a burial
  • During multiple burial scenarios, the DSP separates the multiple signals and clearly displays the number of buried victims
  • Upon locating the position of the first victim, the searcher can mark and mask the found signal and immediately begin searching for other burials
  • Smart Transmitter works while buried by receiving signals of other burials, synchronizing them, and then transmitting a signal without any overlap
  • Eliminating signal overlap allows the searcher to quickly interpret the audible and visual information with increased accuracy and less confusion
  • Pieps DSP can measure frequency deviation of all transceivers, a great pre-ski tour test to conduct
  • Transceivers that deviate significantly from standard 457 kHz frequency can be difficult to locate because the signal is not detected at full strength
  • Knowing the level of deviation present in a transceiver allows a party to thoroughly assess transceiver operation prior to heading out
  • Improved scan function quickly narrows the field into three distinct search ranges and returns an overview of all buried devices within each range
  • Updated buttons are now easier to use than previous versions while wearing gloves
  • Adjustable, nylon harness with pouch keeps the unit secure and accessible
  • Can be used with the Pieps iProbe (not included); iProbe can temporarily suppress the signal of a transmitting Pieps transceiver to make searching for multiple burials easier
  • Compatible with all beacons operating on the 457 kHz frequency
  • Pieps DSP avalanche transceiver operates on 3 AAA batteries, included

Watch how to use it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcKnTD3IZ2Q

Rental T erms & Condition

Remember to turn it on!

Check that your buddies is also on.

Become familiar with how to use it before you go out. Practice when you get there.

Check the batteries.

Hike and ride responsibly. We are not responsible if you get hurt or die while renting this beacon. 

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