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The Splitboard Shop, Voile Spartan Ascent Splitboard The Splitboard Shop, Voile Spartan Ascent Splitboard The Splitboard Shop, Voile Spartan Ascent Splitboard The Splitboard Shop, Voile Spartan Ascent Splitboard The Splitboard Shop, Voile Spartan Ascent Splitboard
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The Splitboard Shop, Voile Spartan Ascent Splitboard

Type :
  • Business
Payment :
  • Visit Website to Pay
Deposit :
  • $800
Brand :
  • Voile
Damage Cost :
Other Info
  • Size : Mulitiple Sizes Available
  • Snowboard Size : 100
  • Condition : Used
  • Includes : Poles
  • Includes : Skins
  • Last Tune Up : 910
  • Condition : New
Visit the website to purchase
Buy : $650
Rent : $50/Day
Rent : $200/Week
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    The Red Bear
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The Splitboard Shop, Utah

If the purpose of the Voile Spartan is to “get your butt in the backcountry”, then the purpose of the Spartan Ascent is to keep your butt in the backcountry. There wouldn’t be such a thing as $100 lift tickets if this were an easy task, and even a few ounces of weight reduction in your equipment can make a huge difference in your level of enjoyment when you're making that approach on foot. 

The Spartan Ascent shaves hundreds of grams underfoot when compared to the standard Spartan. While the Spartan Ascent retains its original shape and profile, we’ve applied the construction method of the Voile Revelator: paulownia wood core, custom carbon-fiberglass weave and a super-durable nylon top sheet. 

You get the playful, switch-capable, high floating characteristics of the Spartan, but with a significant amount of weight trimmed off. Your legs will just be fresher and more willing for another run. So, go ahead—take another lap, you’ve earned it.

The Spartan uses Voile's Channel Puck System to make setting your stance width and angles easy. Using the Voile Alignment Guide, loosen the screws and move the pucks right where you want them quickly and easily.

Check out our "return of my splitboard for credit" program! https://www.thesplitboardshop.com/about

Purchase a new or used splitboard from us and receive a return credit toward the purchase of another new factory splitboard or used splitboard in our used splitboard inventory.


Rental T erms & Condition

Visit https://www.thesplitboardshop.com to learn more.


The Splitboard Shop is an extension of the custom splitboard assembly business, Mountain and Terrain Technologies, Inc. and was created to bring together custom splitboard assembly with factory splitboards and hardware sales into one place. The idea was to create a place where folks can come to buy all splitboard related products and have the confidence that comes from the many years, since 2000, of splitboard manufacturing on the M n' T side.


We are here to help everyone get involved and out into the backcountry with quality service, fair pricing, and being able to answer all your questions because of years of experience in custom splitboard assembly.


The Splitboard Shop isn't just another online retail site, we have individualized ourselves by creating a place where the consumer can come to get all their questions answered and finally make an educated purchase of their splitboards know they can trade it in later after use. We envision this creating a depository of used splitboards for folks to purchase, a splitboard co-op or splitboard exchange, like a new and used gear store that only sells splitboards!


When humanly and/or mechanically, possible we use environmentally friendly materials in parallel with mindful practices when transforming your solid snowboard into your new splitboard.  Feel good about repurposing life into an old board to create a custom splitboard!

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