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Prohibited items and actions

Effective Date: 01/01/2019

We do not allow the sale or rental of anything illegal!

This list is not all encompassing. It is up to you to make sure you comply with all laws in your state and city. We work with the local law enforcement agencies if an issue arises due to a Red Bear Rentals item or individual.

We will remove individuals and items at the discretion of Red Bear Rentals.

  • No drugs: Illegal drugs, over the counter drugs, prescriptions medications, or store-bought medicines.
  • No weapons: No guns, ammunition, explosives, or dangerous chemicals for sale or rent.
  • No alcohol or tobacco: No selling of alcohol or tobacco. We would hope you wouldn't rent it either.
  • No human or animal body parts, fluids, or organs
  • No digital items to get around copyrights: No illegal copies of digital media, program keys, malware, or modification software or hardware. Original hard copies of DVDs, music, and programs are authorized.
  • No counterfeit goods
  • No pornography or adult entertainment material: Including toys used for sexual experiences.
  • No gambling services: No scratch off tickets, lottery numbers, raffle items, or advertising of hosting gambling events for monetary gain.
  • No selling or trading of currency products or services: No trading money, bonds, bank notes, coins (including collectibles), or prepaid cards.