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Sharing Economy

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Interested in learning more about the sharing economy? What is it? Where is it? How does it help me?

What is the sharing economy?

The sharing economy is also known as the peer-to-peer economy. A peer, as described by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is: "one that is of equal standing with another". So how does this relate to Red Bear Rentals and the sharing economy? This means you have the same opportunity as your neighbor, or the store down the road, to rent out something from your home. Or the same opportunity as a guest to rent something you might not have been able to before. You can cut out the middle man and share that unused gear in your home or apartment without owning a business or physical store. What if you do own a business? You can still link to Red Bear Rentals in the “Business” category and bring in new customers!

Everyone has extra stuff they don’t use and someone else could probably use what you have sitting around. You can make space, and some extra money, by sharing your items with your neighbors and friends. Another good explanation is described in this article by Investopedia

Where is the sharing economy?

The sharing economy is all around us. You can share a whole house on Home Away or catch a ride anywhere with Lyft. Now you can also share nearly everything in between with Red Bear Rentals. You can list bikes, cameras, snowboards, clothes, electronics, kayaks, tools, experiences, and more from anywhere. By renting from an individual you can get a locals personal knowledge of the area they are in. They know the bike, they know the trails, and now you can meet and talk directly to them when you rent your gear. 

Share at your home, at your business, or with your vacation home rental. With the sharing economy and Red Bear Rentals platform you can provide add on gear for your guests to enjoy at your Airbnb to make the vacation complete. That’s what’s great about the sharing economy. You don’t have to drive around looking for what you need. You can find it right next door, just around the corner, or at your vacation destination.

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How’s this help you?

Anyone can now share what they aren’t using every day. You can buy a new snowboard in the summer and by the end of winter make back nearly what you paid. Or if you want to try a new snowboard brand you can find one to rent for a day at a fraction of the price, then if you like it, buy it! Something like trying out this Never Summer Prospector board before the winter ends! Never Summer Splitboard.

What if you just realized you need a bike for the ride tomorrow, but it is Easter Sunday and no stores are open? With the sharing economy you can connect with someone close by any time of the day or night and see if they are willing to share with you! The more individuals that have gear to share the easier it will be to find just what you need.

If you notice your neighbor has a vacation rental you can share your items on Red Bear Rentals, like a kayak or hiking gear, and a let your neighbor know. They can then mention the additional gear being shared, and their own gear, available in the Airbnb or VRBO.com Vacation Listings profile to give the renters even more options to enjoy their vacation! If you are traveling to a remote mountain cabin 20 miles from the closest town you want to make sure you have everything you need in one place. If the vacation rental host doesn't have it available your weekend neighbor just might!

If you are a business you can still be a part of the sharing economy to share gear and give renters the option to visit a real store if they are more comfortable renting from you. Or if you already have rentals you can link to them so everyone will have the choice between individual or business rentals when they are browsing. If your business isn't listed then no one will know they had another option!

The sharing economy is a great option to find the perfect rental at the perfect place for the perfect price while promoting sustainable activities like sharing and reducing waste.

We hope you are excited to start sharing today with Red Bear Rentals new sharing economy rental marketplace. List your rentals and find the gear you need to get out, explore, and enjoy life!

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